Ocean Souls

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Salty air, slight breeze and
glorious pearl white sand beneath
my delicate feet crunching almost
I walk along carrying my soft shoes
that were once worn in the presence
of your sweet smile.
The waves make the only sound in this
bubble I have created, they break
against the mossy rocks with the
sound of thunder, spreading white foam 
and sea spray before receding back into 
the ocean where lonely souls have gone.
Daylight slowly changes to sunset
spreading colour over the once blue sky;
clouds absorb them like sponges.
I look at the horizon wondering what
was out there, wandering far beyond
that edge where the sun was now resting.
The sand beneath my feet glitters softly 
in the fading light, reminding me of
the sparkle in your blue eyes.
“maybe that is why I come here”, I think
to myself; the dim sparkle brings
memories out from under the dust I
purposely created to mask the pain of 
your sudden departure from this earth.
Twilight follows, the horizon is no
longer present and the sky is darkened
allowing the first stars to shine down
on me.
Each star appears separately, like someone
lighting candles behind a dark veil. 
The breeze blows a little stronger; goosebumps
appear on my skin you once touched.
A tear slowly runs down my face,
I am alone without any sense of why 
each day goes by and then begins 
again, trapped in an endless cycle,
as for myself, this cycle does not
exist for I am trapped in a bubble
of suffering for love was severed,
like a knife cutting through skin.
Regardless of a new day it will always
be night for my soul has been lost
to the ocean; silent and alone.