Where is my secret admirer

Written by: Sophia Smith

Who has stolen my heart, a love that cannot be extinguished. My heart is desperate 
to love him and yet he does not love me, Why? He was the one who ran after me, 
and I fell for him, and now that he no longer wants me: The world should end. How 
do I go on knowing he does not belong to me, but my heart belongs to him, which 
he does not want. I no longer see spectrum of wonderful and vibrant colors of life, 
but only black and white. Life seems meaningless everything should be become 
lifeless. I feel lost in the midst of my confused emotion - I am lost in the sea of 
unbridled love for a man I do not know, and I also do not know how to be loved by 
one. How I yearn to be hugged and kissed with so much passion that would make 
me lost in his strong arms forever. When is he going to melt my heart with his, or am 
I hoping for the impossible to be love by him.

How my heart belongs to him... where are you my secret admirer. God made me 
loved him so he should love me back, please because my heart will stop beating 
because I lost his love. Please save me Jehovah God because I am sinking in the 
sea of despair by him not showing me love, so God where is my life's buoy or better 
yet my 'secret admirer.