Horses shall be back

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

Horses are in oblivion 
     Preferred man-friendly animal since evolution 
     Today, bit lost in mechanised, chip oriented revolution 

Important weapon in Bronze Age ancient wars 
Utilised by ancestors as domestic transporter 
But now restricted to official events splendour
And few sporting events, races, competitive glamour
And royal weddings, yoked to adorned buggies grandeur  


Horses shall be back in recognition
     With rising global warming concern 
     With Oil prices not expected to lessen

Antiquated horse carts demand shall be of high order
Benefits galore, herbivorous help sustaining on grass fodder 
350 degree excellent day-night vision, energy reservoir 
Capable of resting in short naps in standing posture
Horseshoe, saddle, bridle, rein only accessories major

Horse carts with no carbon emissions 
Saddle, hooves sans honking and pollution 
No ignition, start-up fuel consumption 
No requirement of spark plugs, engine oil can 
No seat belts, air bags for protection 

Man put blinders on horse for concentration
But are themselves blinded by mad race of globalisation, liberalisation
Man need to put the blinders on self–consumption
Be judicious, avoid ostentation to keep in check carbon emissions
Switch to horse cart, use killer vehicle only in emergent situation   

Today horses are oblivion
       If ignored concerns for eco-friendly environ  
       Tomorrow mankind could be in oblivion     

By Hitendra Mehta
May 2011

For Members contest – Eco-friendly Vehicle by Robb A.Kopp