Written by: Leighann Anderson

What exactly is it?
A disease is the medical
term but to others it is 
unforgettable turmoil yet
to be set in endless motion,
either spiralling out of control,
or simply vanishing after it has
caused unimaginable pain.
It is seen as the one of the
agents that tear families apart,
either in an instant, like a 
mirror shattering, created by a 
sudden outburst of anger,
or slowly like a dying plant
deprived of water and light.
Many people may fear the day
when their time comes but one
hopes to choose the way they go.
Sadly, no one can choose the way
they leave this earth; nature 
beholds this ability and sadly
it can be cruel in its own way.
Our one fear that we cannot
sweep under a carpet of 
foggy memories at the back
of our minds.
The one disease that seems
selfish and cruel that many
cannot endure.