Hope Gone to Another

Written by: adam hollingsworth

Surly we haven’t lost all reason and deity to her
The one who bathes and feeds our souls
Surly we haven’t knocked and
Rambled the pillars four? The ones we waste and stir
Alone by night the breathing is shallow to her.

Surly the earth isn’t lost to the killing machines we erect
The immaculate and wholesome nature of the pool pur-fect
Our inner waste of souls demise 
Too perfect and proven in time and time, we only decide
The choices to find a deity in minds that wastefully hide.

Secrecy and lies rise in un born likewise of mind
All that I find, is another one very unlike in all aspects
Unknown and unacknowledged facts
They create sounds alien to our soul and ears
Out of fear, we reject life’s unsought refurnished finds

To boast and crawl away to a selfishness of tomorrow
Wonder around in the deepest sorrow, blankness that draws a memory
Of hurt and un sought of pride so timidly
Speak quiet for soon all hope will leave for another
She the daughter of selfishness, and lies of devotion that draw sorrows