Love Of My Life

Written by: katrina nephew

You are the sunshine in my life
You are the one I can’t bear out of my sight
You are where I belong
You are the ache I feel in every song 
You are the part of my each day
You are the word when I don’t say
You are the comfort in the night
You are the reason the day rise bright
My heart beat just for you
I can climb the endless heights just for you
You are the relief in my breath
You are who turn my living pain into death
Whenever I close my eyes
All around I see your face
Accept my love ,luv
Please don’t play the heart chase
You are the flower of light
That has lighted my dark inner side
When my lips move they say your name
Without you my days would never be the same
For thousand other reason which are hard to describe
You are the love of my life