Written by: katrina nephew

Do not shed any tears
I am with you still when I am not
I know I have loved a man who has strong heart
When my memories are there we can never be apart
Open your hands I will hold them
You just have to feel my touch that’s all
Doesn’t matter if I am not there
I am still with you for your each new start
Don’t keep any fear of falling alone
May be you will find yourself all on your own
But just close your eyes and feel me beside you
This much is enough and your fear will be gone
I am also trying to do the same
But when I cry I pour the rain
Let me take these stars and moon for you
Because I know that one day we will meet again
Even when I have lost my breath
But still I heat my heart pounding
Because I know that my soul is in you now
So as long you are there I will be alive
So have no fear of falling alone
Don’t cry, soon this time will be gone