Death of a Sea

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

Mum’s courteous sprinkles denounced delusion cowardice.
And demented a destiny Willenhall to Bethlehem for life price.
But hallelujah brought my children forward for hallucination. 
My partner mended her menopause to hale hammada action,
Harangue lumps machinations to overtrade a human slice.
Israel a stone heart land death flags a fear of attack or terrorism,
Lord Jesus Christ, a Jew, no Christian, who denied not spiritualism,
Jerusalem a market of God religions fried portions of innocence life,
A stone wall divided God’s death and birth in hands of criminalism.
How religions equal educationalist never spoke about are defaming crise?
My spirit walked with truth and faith to agree to pray for World Peace,
To plain problems to seed love and needs to iron religious crease,
The mountain of sands were pouring dishonesty and greed lees,
A sea is dying and remind ‘Death is certain’ Oh human why you tease?