My Angel is an Art

Written by: ugenteraan manogaran

Drenched in beauty of the deep vanilla star
With the gleaming strains of a sitar
Lips of saccharine maroon painted honey
Eyes that could not be bought with money
The night wind-like gesturing hands
Fingers that give glory to the pens
Foots that the beach sand yearn
Sight that caused my heart to burn
Born as a pure dazzling poetry
In an unknown paradise country
A God drawn majestic elegant art
That stole my innocent heart

Oh, those very first beautiful words
Made me flew higher than the birds
Love, I know what I did was foolish
Seeing you, once more, is my only wish
Only, if I'm granted with one more chance
To make you happy, entire life, I shall dance
Under this open dark sky, I'll await you
For one day, I know, you"ll come rescue