Written by: Matt Hunt

As I look into the sky
I start to realize
All my dreams are slipping away

I'm losing hope in time
I wish I could rewind
All the times I shared with you

Mistakes that I once made 
Can't take away my pain 
Cause I know that we are through

But if I had one more chance
To make all of this make sense
You know I would, I would do it for you

Oh, and I was once alive
But you left me and now I see I'm paralyzed
Oh, I think that I died
This man is gone, I can't carry on
I'm paralyzed

I've tried to carry on 
But I've waited far too long
I feel I need to just give up

But something deep inside
Tells me that I'm alright
To start living, living my life again

Repeat Chorus: