Horses point of view

Written by: Mike Francis

•	My cowboy has walked me to this horse eating pit-
•	I think I should dance and jig and throw quite a fit-
•	Gators and snakes and no bottom in sight-
•	If I put my hoof in it something will bite-
•	The ditch is wide and the water is green-
•	I’m getting spookier from the reflections I’ve seen-
•	Hang on fat cowboy and grab that saddle horn-
•	This big ole horse is going airborne!-
•	I tried to warn him of the upcoming jump-
•	When he hit the ground he made quite a thump!-
•	He dusted himself off when he got off the grass- 
•	Dirt and mud still stuck to his fat ass-
•	From his perspective he still failed to see-
•	That leap I made surely saved him and me!-

              By Mike  Francis