The Highest Point

Written by: adam hollingsworth

Dark clouds brittle in windy sighs
Fluttery clowns run in and hide
Your eyes radiate like the moonlight 
Your face as gorgeous as a wild sigh

To smile inwardly and know
The game of false-truth has all been told
Changing rides to abide to tides
Oh, smile on the inside to climb higher

Battered birds fall inward and out
An elated flower hides inside your ear
Caress the times and cross the tides
Your voice is like the ocean climbing high

And yet, 
Reach for the highest star 
Seek for the brightest sky
See their what I see in you
See a wonder so confused and blue

You reach and find all you please
You speak and petty love runs in speeds
I love you oh less and so
Blow me a kiss so I can forever go
into a mind steeped in the deepest tides