A Marijuana Kind of Day

Written by: adam hollingsworth

And so-even…
My world feels oddly
With just a touch of weed.

My yin and yang,
Smoke hazed in the hang.
Floats so creatively…
It feels like a dream.

So ever calm,
This dream of dawn.
I believe I hallucinate a sound,
But it’s a burned mind 
        I’ve found.

I would trade anything
To keep this feeling.
Better than any drink;
This high that keeps me dreaming.

The hope and feeling;
I feel so calm and even.
A boundless seasoned-out fever;
A light toast unto the evening.

I love these slow and rainy days;
I wish I never had to leave,
           And could stay.
It’s my favorite kind of day,
        So sweet,
                    Is the marijuana way.