Monster and Teddy

Written by: Leighann Anderson

I lie here all tucked in
and warm while mum reads
me my favourite story.
Time passes quickly, mum says 
it is now time for sleep;
the land of dreams awaits
my arrival.
I smile but my mind is slowly
beginning to create fear; I
do not like the dark.
Mum gives me teddy from the
shelf on my wall, covered
in dinosaurs and funny-looking
The light goes out as mum leaves,
everything has gone now, even mum.
Something grows big at the bottom
of my bed; black with red eyes and
sharp teeth, it is monster that visits
every night.
I hold teddy tightly for he gives
comfort, but monster grows more
scary and mum has gone.
Suddenly, teddy is gone, where has
he gone?
I look at monster and teddy is there
too; teddy is telling monster
to go away, but monster stays.
Teddy grows big, monster looks
on; teddy is bright and strong,
monster grows small under teddy’s
I look and monster has gone and
teddy is back under my arms ready
to enter dreamland too.