What About the Children

Written by: Joyce Johnson

What do we tell the precious children, Lord,
those sweetly innocent and trusting ones?
They should not have to know of dreadful war,
our tiny daughters and our little sons.
Help us explain to them our falling bombs,
that sometimes they will go a bit astray.

A child is killed, and though he’s someone’s son,
he’s just another victim of a war.
We don’t intend that bombs should go astray.
We thank you that our child was not the one,
playing out there when we released our bomb.
Help them to understand it please, dear Lord.

They’ve seen the dreadful pictures of the war.
the fall-out from the bombs that go astray.
Give us the words to comfort them, dear Lord.
Protect them from well-founded fears and bombs.
You know how much we love are little ones,
our pretty daughters and our handsome sons.

Childhood should not be filled with thoughts of war.
There should be only games for such loved ones.
Children can’t flourish in the dread of bombs,
of world in flames when they are dropped astray.
How can we shield them from these pictures, Lord,
that are too ugly for the little ones?

Please help us educate the children, Lord.
Show us the errors that have caused a war.
Since we are all your daughters and your sons
we ask protection over every one.
Make duds, we pray, of all the falling bombs,
and make each lethal bullet go astray. 

Teach us why peace and freedom went astray,
and lead us all to no more guns and bombs.
Send angels down to hold innocent ones.
Please heed our fervent plea of no more war.
In angel wings enfold daughters and sons.
We pray for theirs as well as ours, dear Lord.

Your sons will turn to You again, dear Lord
if little ones are not exposed to war
and falling bombs no longer go astray.

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