A Season of Warmth part one

Written by: adam hollingsworth

The beauty of lies, 
      Between your eyes. 
The song of drugs 
      I find in your veins 
                     Is never ending. 

The stream replies to a song of redundant tides, 
      How will I hide all that you have brought to me 
      In these gifts of disease? 
Let’s sing them out in melodies. 

The flow is mixed in nicotine, and a pinch of coca 
      Leaves. A variety of alcoholic drinks you 
      Gave to me, with a smile that just whines 
      “Please.” THC and so many leaves, why 
      Couldn’t you love me? 
The hand of a white goddess touches mine. I will 
      Address all that you have meant in these eyes. 
The pain of your subtle lying smile, it 
                                     Till I cry. 

Life is only a jar of ashes, 
      And ha-ha, 
The body as a temple… 
      Let it burn, 
                For the lies of Christ 
Are dull and pathetic, 
                 I’d rather prefer 
My long drawn out, 
          Season in Hell.