Written by: Dana Kirby

I was so angry inside, and God said, "give your worries unto me."

A revalation, deviation, a strong hold on my will.
A clouded judgment, a bright idea, something had a hold of me.
I sifted through countless writing's, searched through every loophole.
Till I came upon one.

My testimony of faith, my willingness to forgive.
Bless my children of the father who art in heaven.
Bless all that has done me wrong, and the wrongs I have done to those and myself.
Take this ball of haze and strip me of this fear and guilt.

I came 
 I saw
  I was
                     And still am

Your child.

A child of emotion, utter devotion
I slipped off the grid
Then I fell right back into your arms
The warning's came
and I heeded them not
You turned your back 
and I understood.

When I was lost you brought me back
You scolded me for doing wrong
and you came back when I needed you most.

Thank you Father
For I once was blind,
but you have made me see.
That no grand illusion is greater then you
and no need can be filled here that you cannot handle yourself.
I lost my faith and you restored me unto my soul.

For this
  I am 

Thank you.