Japan The Great Wave

Written by: Brenda Atry

The artist Hokusai memorialized,
In his woodblock print of raging seas, 
The great wave off Kanagawa,
That brought Nippon to its knees.

Again the modern rising sun is caught,
In the wrath of shifting plates, 
And the belch of a feral tsunami,
Which left millions unsure of their fates

Waves swallowed the archepelico. 
Mount Fuji stood at the ready to defend.
The islands won the battle with nature,
But Japans ill's will take years to mend.

Grace and will fills the souls of surviviors
Ancestors fortitude flows through their veins.
They will try to accept lifes yin and yang,
While resolving the tragedy that remains.  

The flying cranes wings are strong.
Broad and feathered to deal with lifes tests.
Through centuries they have learned  many lessons,
On how to rebuild and strengthen their nests.