Memorial Day 2011

Written by: Joyce Johnson

It is Memorial Day and time
To remember all the dear ones gone before.
Some of the graves were dug in recent years.
One has been there for fifty years and more.

Red peonies for Dad, pink for Mother,
heart full of love, I decorate each grave.
White snowballs and lilacs for my brothers,
and always remembering I must save

One of each kind and color for the two
who were so long the center of my life,
still not believing they are really gone,
mother to one and to the other, wife. 

Their graves are soon a riot of color,
with flowers from my garden laid with love.
As I place the over-flowing baskets
I pray that all are watching from above.

Though flowers die, memories shall linger,
enough of them to last me through the years.
The love they gave will be mine forever.
It's time to go.I wipe away my tears.

By: Joyce Johnson
May 2011