God loves drunk people too

Written by: ned flanders

A man and his wife are awakened,
loud pounding on their front door.
It is three o"clock in the morning,
what on earth is this uproar!

The man goes down his stairs
puts on his outside light,
opens up his door
and looks out in the night.

There stands a drunken stranger,
soaking wet with rain.
"What the heck do you want?"
"You really are a pain."

"So sorry I"ve to bother you,
but you see I need a push,
just cant keep my feet,
keep falling on my tush."

"What!"Exclaims the man.
"You must be off your head,
it is three o"clock in the morning
I am going back to bed."

With that he slams the door
and goes back to his bed,
cursing and a swearing loud
wishing this stranger dead.

"Who on earth was that?"
His good lady she did ask.
"A drunk guy wants a push,
but I soon took him to task!"

"Oh come on "She says.
"Give the guy a break,
go back down and help,
God says don"t forsake."

"Remember we once broke down,
we were full of doubt,
worried what to do
then two men they helped us out."

His wife went off on one
she really hit free flow,
"God loves drunk people too!"
Of that he ought to know.

The mans conscience it was pricked.
He went back down the stairs,
determined to be helpful
"I shall answer this mans prayer."

He opened up his door
and shouted to the dark.
"Do you still need a push?"
"I disregard my last remark."

"Yes please."Came a voice.
"That would be oh so nice,
if you could give a push,
help start this damn device."

"Sorry that it is raining,
and I know that I am drunk,
but if I don"t get a good push
I know that I"ll be sunk!"

"Where are you?" Asks the man,
and my presence I shall bring."
"Over here."Replys the drunk...

"I"m sitting on your swing!!