a freestyle spur of the moment thing

Written by: eddie merritt

Dazed n confused
Not knowing how to help if its not spoken of too
Expressing is like a suggestion of how deep its roots
Dazed n confused 
Not knowing how to help if rooted out too
Just feeling bruised
n stripped arms split blood drips n thrown in a hole left to the wolves
Knowing better tho 
Just mentioning the motion of emotions felt while being being bum-rushed by scars that were produced
Silently roaring the proof
Dazed n confused
A lil gesture of consideration returned n provoked concern
Dazed n confused 
Thoughts of smothering n tryin too hard put aside for questions of relevance that are shown why they are 
What's the answer in return 
Dazed n confused
Wearing fortified gear ready for anything anyone or something
Dazed n confused
Not ever ready to give up just not knowing what to do...Peace