Rendezvous with Thy Holy

Written by: rinki nandy

O you naïve heart why do you crave?
For another life and claim you are brave,
Voice your limits in your path of recreation,
And let the greedy colors fade,
Less is the want of your breath my lady,
Less is the shine of your spade.

O you friendly intruder you mustn’t listen to what they say,
For know not they my dreamy dreams,
Are only puddles in the way,
In danger am I and patience erased,
When enters your supervision in my heart to play,
Less was the want of my depth my holy,
Less was the shine of my rage,

Why not then o my heart of hearts, believe?
In the darkness of my shadow,
And own a gem so rare?
Why not then hurry and leave?
In the silence of my boat,
Away from dreams beyond repair.

Tempting and inviting need not be your proposal,
Wish as you may,
I shall bathe in the darkness of your shadow or,
Sail in the silence of your boat,
But doomed I shall be if exchanged,
Your priceless gem for my dreamy dreams at your disposal.