Wind Song

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Your soft whispers echo in my ears. 
Your gentle touch still lingers on my skin.

Your piercing eyes are captivating.
Heavenly Hazel with a gleaming beam of light.

Oh, they have such a way of 
overwhelming my inner being.

Open your eyes and see me..
butterfly kisses are silently screaming.

Do you see the reflection
of my eyes in yours?

Can you see the beauty
your heart has to offer?

Your looks long for dreams
only prophets could wish for.

Brief yet intense encounters
have a way of fading memories.

My fingers are lost in your lips
as I ravish your body with kisses.

Not to let the moment slip away...
Concise attention will satisfy your needs.

As you drink from the pool of lust,
you quench your thirst abundantly.

The raindrops soak our skins
as we long for private surroundings.

The onlookers wonder in and we are 
not stopping for a moment...

It is all just a memory now,
I cannot stop thinking about you.

Brief words of desire
enter our frequent conversations.

I lay here and long for
your whispers, your touch, your eyes..

Should I feel ashamed?
Powerful emotions are present.

The warm rays of the sunbeams, 
Combined with willowy, light breezes..

A wind song is singing to us..
Can you hear the music?