Hopes and Memories

Written by: brandy uptain

Like a rattlesnake you coil,
Yet I work and toil...
For a love that is forbidden and forsaken,
My heart is broken and my world is shaken.
Go on and live a life that is in shambles,
I always knew that winning your heart was a highstake gamble.
When my world comes crashing around down my ears,
I want you to be the one to quell my fears.
When everyone gangs up on me and I cower in fright,
I need you my white knight.
If need be I will fall on my knees and beg for your heart,
As my world is being torn apart.
While I am swimming in sewage as far as my eyes can see,
The only light around is your eyes of green.
They are the most beautiful eyes I have ever laid eyes upon,
More beautiful than the dawn.
I may not be the prettiest rose,
But you would regret it if my heart you did lose.
So when the sun arises I will drop to my knees,
And pray that one day you will love me.
When my memory fills with pictures of your face once again,
My heart begins to bend...
When i can no longer picture your smile my heart will shatter,
Because when it comes to soul mates you are the only one who has ever mattered.