Something Different

Written by: Robin Maughan

                                                          Something Different

                                                          Something different 
                                                         That’s all you foresee?
                                                         But can you accept
                                                          the different in me?

                                                       Physical messiness devours
                                                        my starving outside
                                                       Innocent soul screams
                                                       Tidiness cowers  inside

                                                        Love crashes against my
                                                         brick wall of hurt
                                                        A constant reminder of her words
                                                        flung in dirt

                                                        Yet her smiles soften my heart
                                                        oh so syrupy sweet
                                                        Kisses cotton soft
                                                        Kill battles,scratch defeat 

                                                         Different is a curse in a
                                                         world filled of Eros and hate
                                                         Different in me emits 
                                                         passion etched keys,unlocking all gates

                                                          Something different, 
                                                          that`s all you foresee?
                                                          But will you accept
                                                           the different in me?