not today

Written by: katie livingston

i sit in my room
counting the times ive cried over you
wishing id saved all the tears 
so that i could drown you in them
more tears escape my eyes
it seemes my body 
is my own worst enemy 
because it is giving into what you want
sick that it happened this way
and now im walking on broken glass,
not egg shells
just to keep you happy
keep you from snapping
keep you alive
its too much!!!
cant you see that this is hurting me too
i dont know what you want me to do
why wont you tell me?
ill sit in my room 
night after night 
wondering what to do
wondering what you want me to do 
wondering why im so afraid of you
because you've hurt me
you cant ever take that back
you cant ever make it right
you say sorry
time after time
yet you never stay true to your word
you just hurt me
again and again
why do i keep coming back? 
i cant answer that...
i just cant...
i love you...
but i dont know if i want this anymore...
nothing else to say
not today.....