Little Man

Written by: Matt Hunt

I grew up/ being alone
Had no friends/ not one of my own
I asked Momma when's Daddy coming home

She stood there silent/ tears in her eyes
Memories before he left for the sky
I knew my Daddy wasn't gonna come back home

But everynight before I'd go to sleep
I'd pray a little prayer
And everytime I'd hear my Daddy saying,"Son, don't be scared."

You're gonna be alright
Mind your mom, live life on
I'll be just fine
When you close your eyes
Know that I'm loving you
One day will come
When you'll have a son 
Just as wonderful as you
But for now, be proud, cause you're my little man

As years went on / Time flew by
My son grew up/ right before my eyes
He asked me "Daddy, will you always be with me?"

I stood there silent/ tears in my eye
Memories of when he came from the sky
"Son, I'll always be here for you"

I know sometimes he wondered 
I know how much he cared
I always told him as much as I could
Son, don't be scared.

Repeat ChorusX1

Just as my Dad told me
As I told my son
I heard my little man 
tell his little one

Repeat ChorusX1