I will do it again

Written by: louzana nubani

After what I have claimed and said
After the moon had glittered and the sun had shined
After a day, exactly a day 
A new hour began 
I look at this, I look at us 
So much to tell, so much to ask 
So much to discuss But where are we? And where is fate? 
After the misguided attempt to lose you forever
I turn back to this, and think again 
Was it all worth it? Will it all count?
No it aint, and nothing will ever be
I turn around, step into that massive pile of thorns
With heart as strong and eyes are sharp
I will come back to face it
To face it all
The needles, the thorns
The pierces, the bleeding heart
The numb hands, the anesthetized arms
The track that ceaselessly I will run 
The stabs and falseness
I will fortake
But for what?
To have what in return?
A soul as pure as ice
A heart as fierce as fire
A smile as appealing as I will ever be
A sign, I let go, and open my eyes
Ready to do it, ready to fight it all
Just to, enjoy it again, that love, that intensity 
Life will set me by, will not give me time
But I’ll hasten before it’s too late
I’ll do it, with God as my guide, as my soul save
But will you approve?
That’s something you must
Thus you have done things that
No one other than me can fortake