Like a Rat

Written by: rinki nandy

You stare at those loud faces,
Keep your voice low, talk slow and eyes low,

Put down your plate and eat with your back hunched,
You would get a heart attack if they punched,

Always in company and never alone,
What if they catch you without your phone?

Bow down to God and still you fear,
They might start breathing in your ear,

Don’t utter a word and appear dull,
Compromise and sweet face cap your skull,

A lamb to the cruel and a polyglot to the farmer,
They love a lot for being such a charmer,

Walk as a speeding rocket and stare ahead of them,
They would put you in their pocket if you went ahead of them,

A phony monument of etiquette and civilized upbringing,
Only makes you run when their bell comes ringing,

Always play safe and go by the golden rule,
Silence and fragility your perfect tools,

Sincere and obedient wearing the goodwill hat,
You live not a great but the life of a rat.