Written by: Peter Golden

A million people locked 
in a room of ‘normality.’
They never look at each other,
either directly or indirectly, 
in the eye.

A  4 year old child 
enters their room
and simply says:
‘I m sorry mummy’ 
(Without self-awareness,
judgement or pride)
A million people laugh out
so loud
they have tears in their eyes.
They all exit the room 
with wry smiles on their faces
as their 
selfish-pride-filled teardrops, 
drown the naive child.

They re-enter the room
and resuscitate the child
but not until his 
fervent, now cynical  eyes
reveal he’s grown up enough
to be as bitter, resentful  
and unforgiving as they’ve 
so ignorantly and 
irrationally become. 

He committed suicide.
They continue to be nourished
by their arrogance and pride!