Lost Boy

Written by: Scarlett Crittenden

I don't understand why you still wait
Paste tense is a time I don't exist
I'm on to where I'm going
And I'm through with where I've been

You need to quit rehashing the past
And trying to draw me in
With quasi-attempts
To bait me in a fight
Boy, I've got better ways to spend my nights

The things you feel in love with
You hold against me now
I haven't changed
Still somehow you can't see
Your derision's got your vision blurry
Plus the company you keep
Has you wanting apologizes from me

I'm not a needy girl
This I thought you knew
But you keep calling with stupid questions
Acting all confused
I don't rely on others
To ensure my needs are met
Love is obviously a gamble
And I cover my bets

I have no regrets
With the course of action I chose
My time and attention
Is only given to those
That don't betray or stray
And you made your bed
So in it you're going to lay

At this point now, all I have to say is thanks
Because I've truly been rescued
From a life forever filed with days
Of being stuck with an incompatible mate
You were not really a partner
More like someone I had to raise

And I guess I should have known
How this would all go down
Because you weren't a man then
Why would you be now?