Written by: tifarrah miller

I'm miss sensitive and I feel everything.
It hurts to feel, I cannot speak, It hurts to be me.
If you hug me you will suffocate me, If you dress me I will feel to much and you will
cause me much despair, If you speak to me I will ignore you because I am not a social
creature, I do not have the words to say I love you either.
Finally If I should be injured a never
ending flood may come from my eyes I may never stop crying, I may never be yours.
If you make any mistakes
Me, I will not be yours I will be
the disorder that drowns out my
words and and robs me of my soul So I will never have control.
So I seem wild and some times untameable.
You will be sad then and you will care but you will not know what to do. Because I am the
sensitive child and autism is me autism