my little orphan

Written by: tifarrah miller

I can't promise you food, I can't make you happy. I wish I could stop your tears but I
can't do that either.
But your my starving orphan, My little child so I'll protect you if I can for just a
little while. the kisses won't stop, the hugs our everlasting. I'll search for a brighter
tomorrow so you can see it to.
I can't promise you the world or the violence will stop tomorrow but I promise you'll have
love always coming your way. I'll be by your side and keep your dreams alive cause your my
little orphan child and mama will stay by your side.
There's things you will see that a child shouldn't see. You'll have memories I can't take
away so we'll go through them together and create new ones one at a time. Then the
nightmares they won't haunt you and no one will hurt you just don't be afraid to do it
alone. Cause your my little orphan child and baby your loved.