the sins of the father, the price for retribution

Written by: eddie merritt

So much has changed
Looking searching high and low but it slipped away
Why can't I find it 
Is it under the witness protection listed under a different name
I remember dreaming at night about how things would be mundane and cascade its way in to the plane in 
which the soaring was placed
Where did you go
Why cant you be easy to find like waldo
But no 
That wouldn't be life
That would be a theater seen at the back of our eyes at night
Hold on I'm coming
Might not be on a horse of white and armor glistening off light
But I'm coming
Maybe bruised battered and hungry 
Maybe scarred bloody and mangled
White knuckled from the obstacles 
Half blind in my opticals
Running from causes that are probable
Holes imbedded through ligaments and parts of my digestion
T-shirt wrapped around wounds pressing
Hair gray from stressing and a shell shocked tick like terrets and
Collar bone exposed knee caps blown 
Sticking outta my back arrows throat closed narrow 
With my tongue dried up looking like bone marrow
Hollering to a bellow
Smashing watermelon pumpkins and mangos
I will find you
Love of my life I will find you
God hasn't blessed me with this heart to blow this too
If he can strengthen this sinner 
an ordinary dude
Then this too he will allow me to do.....Peace