Ode to the Lizard King

Written by: adam hollingsworth

You crawl forth, slithered, 
The glare blinds the optics of our mind.
The acid king, hallucinations
Of grandeur, now you know you’re alive.

You cheat death, by playing
With hell fires of faith.
A trance, a thought, 
The baggage of sins you brought.

Spewed forth, un-allowed, 
Cloaks shaded by random, 
…Is it found? 
Rational, irrational, to crawl back
Inside, a hideaway, a game he played.

Scales stripped by non-being, 
A lizard king, drenched by 
Sights unseen, while you lay 
Slithering in sand, drenched in mythology, 
And stealing wisdom, as you can.

Flowing like a string in the wind, 
The ball of yarn, hung like a noose.
To speak of your story and how you’ve been, 
Life burnt out, like a falling star in use.

To appear as a mad man, 
But truly on a spiritual journey.
Your voice is a choir set to a chant, 
But behold, our shaman’s in a hurry.