Written by: Akanksha Priya

All I can infer from my reminiscence…
I was a kid,
Wearing cloak of innocence,
With twinkling eyes looking straight…
Away from sun,
With my mother ,in her love’s shade.
                                   Dancing & prancing under the open sky,
Heights of my dreams were very high.

I was elated by benevolance of people surrounding me,
My life was swift and lucid.
Carefree & wild I jumped, I ran
I believed….I can…
I totally agree it was admirable
Random but eminent & desirable.

But as I grew up & stepped out in this ugly world,
I could see its darker side.
I was pulled & dragged & thrashed,
I cried out for help with my arms open wide.
I was left behind vacant with no more joy,
I was forced into the fight.
In my hand instead of a toy,
I had a pen to go ahead with all might.

All the noble faces I could see earlier,
They all got vanished in the mist.
My childhood was lost somewhere
& I was extirpated with a twist.
But until I realised,
I was already in the race.
I was left with no choice,
Rather to try to keep up with other’s pace.

The incredible attitude of idealistic has gone.
I have to keep moving,
Or else like a waste paper I will be torn.
Like a bud in their garden,
Caring hands protected me long back
From every pernicious figure,
Expecting that bud will bloom one day.
But..the truth lies in more depth
As they say that 
bud has to face all queer nightmares in reality,
besides which lies the shattered pieces of beauty.

I was brave ,I was merry, filled with enthusiasm..
But now I am a needy of determination ,
To pass this examination.
With my burnt feet,
I have to walk on the path of thorns.
I feel am thousands of  feet down,
in the middle of the ocean.
No one is here
to tell a few words of compassion.

At the end of every path,
A new journey begins!
Once trapped in this storm,
The ship will move down sinking.
I have become a vagabond,
Who keeps walking on this endless path.
Wondering on the abstrueness of the world,
Callous & serene trying my vision to rebuild.
Instead of rambling with joy,
melancholic moments hover over my head.
I feel m deserted
No more tears left behind to shed.

Insensitive to all emotion,
I have become a machine.
All in my mind is next promotion.
Trying to deceive,
the kid within me wants to  come out.
I want to shout loud,
Following the call,
Show me the way towards the  wall.
Raise me up….
Jst like rain…I wanna   
~~~~~@!<@!\!!<$!-!@  Priy@