i dine with the river

Written by: tifarrah miller

i was dining with the river that took my life then gave it back
it called me to its mistaken gentle waves. Never did i know a river could be wise so that
it could spot me a thief without eyes. Wether it was the too good to be true grin the
missing teeth or the torn ratty clothes the river temped me with a golden watch lying in
the river bed. LIke a cat catching a mouse i pounced and the river pounced back. With the
might of a god its full force came crash and thrashing at me. I was a match for stealing
golden trinkets and strange diamonds but no match for a rivers might. It was feeding off
my oxygen and i knew only in death then would it go away and before i did leave the river
said silly boy to think you were the biggest thieve. Then there was nothing i was gone. At
least it felt that way like i was passing away. There was nothing. Or was there was that a
bird i heard. Dirt i felt under my skin. fresh air. Oh how beautiful fresh air was.
Everything was as it should be. And me later i would dine with the river that took my life
and gave it back a changed boy forever