Poetry Palace- an eternal place

Written by: gautami phookan

P oetic rendition, images entwined with filigreed creations,

O dyssey of a poet's journey, INFUSION of deeper emotions.

E nthralling rhymes and meters born of a silence unknown,

T ethered on timeless wings, leaving an imprint on our souls.

R oving minds travel to far off unknown gulfs and plains,

Y arns of ILLUSIONS, as ballads are sung with refrain.

P oet's CREATIVITY , words take form floating on blank pages,

A dorned verse may lie in a nook, unseen for ages.

L aconic expressions hold far greater intent and meaning,

A rtisans explore the INEVITABLE truth of life's gleanings.

C aress me, the words like snowflakes on a window pane,

E VENTUALLY a poet turns to dust, poetry flurries through the snow and rain.


2nd place in the contest
For Linda Marie's contest : "Poetry Palace" 
By Gautami Phookan