An Ode to Ancient Greece

Written by: adam hollingsworth

Oh, ancient Greece, 
How much you have filled my soul.
The aesthetics of your kind, 
Are more than satisfied
By your beautiful eyes.

The epics of grace, 
Odysseus and Helen’s sublime face.
The war between two cities, 
And a tale of returning to beauty.

The dialectic of Socrates trial, 
The Christ before Christ on clouds much higher.
The dialogues devoted to supreme justice, 
By Plato’s divine universals.
Aristotle’s poetics devoted to the epics, 
And particulars brought by the golden ethical’s.

Sappho and her poetry, 
Herodotus and a tale of histories.
The land of marble devoted to democracy, 
The Spartan grandeur and Athenian cultured society.

The Oedipus complex brought to Sophocles.
Vengeful acts by Media for adultery.
I sing joy to all the tragedies, 
Aeschylus and the dance of the Eumenides.

The Minoan society and the island of Crete, 
Greek culture and so much to keep.
Athena the bright eyed goddess of wisdom, 
Came of Zeus, our lord of Jupiter.
Juno and her rivals in the kingdom, 
Brought us tales of jealousy for the future.

The pre-Socratics of philosophy, 
Thales, Heracleitus, and Anaximenes.
The golden verses of Pythagoras, 
And the sophist named Protagoras.

Aristotle’s pupil brought grandeur to the dream, 
Alexander the great extended the means.
The logic, the literature, and the home of philosophy, 
Mythology, and the tragedies, histories of epic poetry.
The things that have been and will always be, 
I will always remember the glory that was Greece.