As the Sun Goes Down

Written by: adam hollingsworth

As the sun goes down 
We whisper softly to each other 
At the time of twilight 
Is when we find it the hardest 
In a meadow at the top of a hill 
We hold together, hand in hand 
We’ll paint the sublime picture 
The one of life together 
Together forever inside our never, never 
We’ll always be there together 

I’ll await you for your arrival 
As of now, I know it’s near 
We’ll seek each other 
For without we’ll be de-feathered 
While I wait alone, at the steps of were we first met 
Here and now, I look for your bliss 
At the time of sunset as the shadows dance 
They show me worlds for me to glance 
I see a world of twilight and frown 
While I wait here, as the sun goes down 

As the sun goes down 
I sit alone in my room and write, 
To you letters and poems of my disgrace 
I tell you all my secrets so that they’ll die with you today 
Please keep them as I rise alone 
To face each day outside your heart 
While I stare from the outside 
Knowing I’ll never be part of the inside 
So I fall down and go on in a happy frown 
For each night I wait, as the sun goes down