Written by: adam hollingsworth

I’m elated by all reason, 
The time to despair is only time wasted. 
Freedom from all fear and anguish, 
The evolution of the species. 

Beyond your god of oppression, 
Beyond the polytheism of the early man. 
Only an expression of characteristics, and 
Then the monotheism stemmed in mans realization 
Of unification. 

Its nothing but evolution, 
Its nothing but the revaluation of all values. 

Beyond good and evil is where we stand. 

But behold, the time for the species to evolve 
Has arrived. 
The time to lose all fear and morality is here. 
There are no other gods before yourself, 
For you are a god in your own right. 
Thus spake Zarathustra, 
“God is dead.” 

The days of living in fear of doing wrong 
Your “divine” rule has shattered. 
The superman lives in no fear or anguish, 
For him 
There is no god. 

The world is his for the taking; 
Guilt has no hold on him 
Only reason and beauty belong to him. 
His eternal love of life knows no ends. 
He rejects the mindless oppression of the “god fearing man,” 
And the freedom to be is all he needs. 
For love of everything true is his Achilles heal, 
And knowledge is his Pandora’s Box. 

Behold and rejoice for the time of the godless man is here, 
No longer must we be held to slave morality, 
For we are the superman and we make our own morality. 

No longer does fear hold us back; 
No longer must time be wasted on the “afterlife.” 
Peace and contentment is what we possess, 
Attachment has no hold, 
For we are nothing less than free.