Perception in the Eye of the Beholder

Written by: adam hollingsworth

The dream of beholding, 
Your round, withered beauty.
With magnetic attraction, 
Of Aristotle’s profound deity.
I ponder this question, on the eve
Of knowledge, to beyond good and evil.
The way you hang upon the tree, 
Absorbing colors, like a dream.

You tempt me like a plant of intoxication, 
That I have grown to love.
The smoke of harmony, 
To perceptions far and beyond.
You hang by a small thread, 
That turned all fabrics of time.

Your heated color, burns like fire, 
And your lies, are sweeter than truth.
I’m drawn inside your absorbing glow, 
With illusions sublime, a sonata for two.
The media of poison, held so perfectly, 
To obtain possession for the fairest of us all.
On a still summer day, we climb up and consume, 
For all you bring, while in bloom.