The Dieters Lament

Written by: pat dring


Wouldn’t it be wonderful, just for a day,
If I didn’t have to count all the calories as I stuffed them away.
Why? Can’t I eat just one Kit-Kat? Why do I have to eat two?
If I carry on like this, I don’t know what I’ll do.
I’m sure the more I think of food, the hungrier I get.
Now it’s time for 3 more miles on my bike, when the timer is set.
Now I’m hungrier than ever, all over again.
This diet is turning into an absolute pain.
Now I’ll go for a walk to burn off a few more.
But what happens the moment I walk back in the door.
I put the kettle on, for a cup of tea.
Out come the Kit-Kats, one, two, three.
I’m really going to have to go give up this diet.
I think to myself, during 10 minutes peace and quiet.
I’ll forget about the diet, before it takes over my life.
Because all it is doing is causing me a lot of strife.
I know it’s doing my health, no good dragging around all this weight.
But my brain forgets that, when tucking into a piece of chocolate cake.
I struggle and struggle with this diet all day.
But chocolate bars and cake, just get in the way,
I go to the shops, they stare at me from the shelf.
I wasn’t born to be thin, I console myself,
‘Guess what with’