A New Ferrari

Written by: Rick Rucker

A New Ferrari By Rick Rucker We have changed our plans, We will marry in The Netherlands, The reason is primarily money, It is far cheaper to fly there, with my Honey, An island wedding sounded so romantic, But the travel planning would have been frantic, She has a large family, the logistics of them getting there, I would have lost more of my hair! Other things are still the same: The wedding song, and the singer’s name, Ditto some of the other things, We will still exchange our rings, If you have read some of my poems, You know that I am prone to writing tomes, I will have to cut it short, Lest everyone falls asleep in The Court! Since I am American, they think I am as rich as Ari, So, just to not shatter their faith, I will give each attendee a new Ferrari! Not really, but it sounded good, Please forgive the small falsehood, I am sure they will be overjoyed, To see us, how our spirits are buoyed, There is no way that I could envision, This happiness, to my friend’s derision, They do not believe in love at first sight, I now believe it with all my might!