Written by: Charles Gragg

Have you ever envisioned a purple moon
or snowflakes in the month of June?
Do you see funny faces in the evening clouds
or alien beings in the holiday crowds?

Can you fly like birds on high
by imagining yourself in the evening sky?
Can you swim the sparkling oceans blue
with whales and dolphins as your trusty crew? 

Have you ever burrowed deep within the earth
to witness the molten crusts fiery rebirth?
Can you cure a deadly disease
with a simple touch and gentle squeeze?  
Can you teach love and trust to others of your kind
with words of wisdom that soothe the mind?
Can you see the future on the surface of a quiet stream
and ride through the night on a single moonbeam?

If you are lucky enough to be so blessed
with imagination unbridled and unsuppressed
Oh what a fortunate soul you are for sure
As imagination is a gift so pure

┬ęCopyright Charlie Gragg May 13, 2011