Just so Fishing Tale

Written by: gautami phookan


                           One  has  to  have  plenty  of  imagination ,

                                         For   this   skillful   art .

                                 Before   you   hear   the   reel   sing ,

                                       To  stay  at  it  for  hours .

                                     Once    I    caught    a    fish ,

                                          Frailest   of   the   frail .

                          Letting   out  a   sigh ,  had   it   swim   away ;

                         For   it   to   be   meatier ,   some   other   day .

                              What   I   gain'd ,   me   you   might   ask .

                                  A   day   spent   in   sheer   idleness

                                             And   solitude   vast .

                                                  ~     ~     ~

 For Brian Strand's  Contest : "Favourite Form, Any Theme"

In honor of and inspired by john freeman's
--- "fishing contest"