inspiration kick push lupe fiasco

Written by: eddie merritt

Not even barely breathing chest thumping like a tamburine n
Trying to be decent 
But the whole situation has my chest wheezing head pounding heart leaking for what a bloodclot reason.
The explanation was just weak why not admit defeat when got the speaking
It just ain't kosher if shoe was on the other foot I'd be bowled over tenderized n put in the George forman 
Open dialect with open mindedness
Even said of how I'm understanding this 
Even tho I was so heated I was shaking n 
This isn't the end becuz it was turned around on me of past tense 
I couldn't even believe this but it did
Get to that extent
Yet it made no sense I open up this hidden agenda that wouldn't have been exposed if I wouldn't have 
looked for why my body had sleep kept from me ......peace