Along The Road Of Life,I Carry With Me,Love

Written by: Joseph Osita

In life, I carry with me, love,
Love that has swayed a thousand racial differences with pace,
Angered by humanity's crazy racial crave;
I die in words to rattle discrimination in race
Of human of many paintings but in one hole do creep.
Was the painter too foolish to paint White, Black and Grey
Or in his ancient mastery something significant did slip?
That made Him paint White and Black instead of only grey

Human I believe had lost it all
In his quest for color dominance and power,
Hatred infiltrated and in us grew tall
And gently, it marred our love beyond regaining tower
Detest now in us lingers, but my words do pray
That painter's wisdom might to us drip one day

For the contest:"Along the road of life,I carry with me"