Arise O Sons Of The Shining Stars

Written by: Joseph Osita

Arise O sons of the Shining stars!
Arise and speed like your fish-like cars.
Tan your sorrows and pains with ease
And sway in delight like your Sakura trees.

Arise O sons of the shining stars!
Thorns' scratches on elephant are but minor scars
Send your technology-eyed-gods to work
Let them unfold their talents to move the technological clock

Arise O land of the shining stars!
You are the prime existence of worthy technology dreamers
Your scions stun the world with series of technological perfections
Toyota, Yamaha and Honda are just lovely kids in actions

Arise O land of the shining stars!
Tourists' eyes lost in gourmand stares
Of your ancient beauties lurked in Matsushuma bay
Where blue water, craggy rocks and twisted Pine trees drip ancient wisdom to people of today

For Debbie Guzzi's contest:"Tribute to Japan"