Mary and Gails poem

Written by: gail smith

                                                             MARY AND GAIL’S POEMS

 Peace be with you and all man kind,   
Will the bad souls ever love find.        
When the birds are singing,
For it is your spirit healing.

As the doves fly into the sky,
And why does everyone have to have their finger in the pie.

With the sun shining through the colours of the rainbow
So look to your angles halos.

Our souls are entwined as one,
 And it will be done. 

We appreciate our lives if won, 
Is when it all begun.

With children’s breaths they start new life,
So don’t succumb to strife.

Please don’t let it be the end to man
Let us stay on god’s land.


The seas so calm and full of love, 
Cause love is straight from above.

What does life hold behind this earth?
Hold on to what your worth.

If aliens came to us and said, 
No feelings of dread.

The children do they fight or do they play,
Hoping to keep the demon’s away.

So unfold your wings to god’s life plans,
Will lead you to how life stands.


Forever in our hearts we hold the key,(
If we don’t listen we will flee.

We are here to learn and learn we will,
Let your souls listen and be still.

If we fail the wiser we become,
For life is easy on this earth for some.

So fill your heart and send love all around,
If you truly look your place will be found.

As sure as Heaven above and hell below,
Behold the hands of spirit and you will grow.